Special Events

In addition to the standard timed admission, we are pleased to offer a selection of Special Events. Special Event tickets give you entrance to the concert hall, a short acoustic concert specially chosen by the performers, a guided introduction to the concert program, and the half-hour timed sound work ‘Ghost Light’ supplemented with live music.

Tickets are $10 online, or $12 day-of at the door, available in the lobby of Boettcher Hall any day after 3:30pm. Seating is limited.


8/17: 8pm Playground Ensemble playgroundTickets: http://www.axs.com/events/281239/ghost-light-with-special-guest-playground-ensemble-tickets

The Playground Ensemble, now entering their tenth season, is the Rocky Mountain Region’s premier new music group. They program a yearly concert season of works by local, national, and international composers, as well as provide education programs to local schools. Playground Ensemble seeks to expand common perceptions of contemporary music and the chamber ensemble, and show that classical music is vibrant, adventurous, and relevant to today’s world.

8/20: 8pm Luke Wachter, percussion

luke wachter small

Tickets: http://www.axs.com/events/281240/ghost-light-with-special-guest-and-percussionist-luch-wachter-tickets

Luke Wachter is a drummer, percussionist, and educator from Denver, Colorado. He currently teaches instrumental music, music theory, and Career Technical Education at Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy in Denver Public Schools. In addition, Luke performs as a freelance percussionist and drummer with The Playground Ensemble, Denver alt-country trio the Beadlam Basterds, and many others.

8/23: 2pm David Bernabo, piano and found objects. bernaboTickets: http://www.axs.com/events/281241/ghost-light-with-special-guest-and-soloist-david-wernabo-tickets

David Bernabo has been a fixture on the Pittsburgh music and art scenes for a good while, actively participating in bands, dance ensembles, art initiatives, and film-making. David currently performs and composes for the band/art ensemble Host Skull, dances with Maree ReMalia | merrygogo and MODULES, and is finishing a new documentary on the history of restaurants in Pittsburgh.

5pm David Bernabo and Nathan Hall

AOBB01 Digipak_Cover

Tickets: http://www.axs.com/events/281242/ghost-light-with-special-guest-and-soloist-david-wernabo-and-ghost-lig-tickets

Please note: due to traffic rerouting downtown on Sunday 8/23, please give yourself extra time for the 2pm and 5pm concerts!

Photography by Glenn Ross. http://on.fb.me/16KNsgK
Photograph by Glenn Ross.

8/27: 8pm Land Lines

Tickets: http://www.axs.com/events/281243/ghost-light-with-special-guest-landlines-tickets

Featuring former members of the Fort Collins based group Matson Jones, Land Lines is the continuation of a longstanding collaboration between close friends who have been playing & making songs together for 10 years. Formed in 2010, the new project started with Martina Grbac (cello/ vocals), Anna Mascorella (cello/vocals) and Ross Harada (drums/percussion). Their debut LP was recorded in Denver at the end of 2011 and was released by Cash Cow Production in 2012.

Based in Denver, the current lineup includes Martina Grbac, Ross Harada and James Han (electric piano/organ).

4 thoughts on “Special Events”

  1. Do the special events include a regular performance of the Ghostlight installation, or do I have to see that separately?

    1. Hi Michaek,
      Special Event showing tickets include the half-hour timed sound work ‘Ghost Light’ supplemented with live music. So if you’d like to experience ‘Ghost Light’ just by itself (no additional live music), you’d want the regular admission during one of the timed intervals!

  2. Hi Nathan,

    thanks for the clarification. I plan to see the Playground show on 8/17. So I’m not going to miss anything if I don’t return for a separate regular Ghost Light performance, right?

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